Here are some other web sites that represent useful resources if you're interested in this sport.

If you are a non-profit paddling club or organization and would like us to list you here, please contact us with your information. We would be glad to exchange links.

Governing Organizations

International Canoe Federation: This is the international organization for the sport. The web site provides information about the different disciplines within the sport, competition schedules, training plans, and much more.

U.S.A. Canoe/Kayak: USACK is the national governing body, a part of the U.S. Olympic Committee, for the sport in the United States.

United States Canoe Association: encouraging the growth of paddling as a recognized competitive sport and beneficial recreational activity through educational programs, conservation, safety, fitness, and participation in family and community life.

Recommended Reading

The Barton Mold: The story of how Greg Barton became the best singles paddler of the late 1980's. It includes chapters on physiological and training principles, technique, mental preparation, and more. By Bill Endicott.

Other U.S. Clubs

National listing of USACK affiliated clubs.

Clubs and organizations affiliated with the US Canoe Association (USCA)

Other Resources in North Georgia

Georgia Canoeing Association: having fun and promoting safety while paddling

Lakeside on Lanier: a free, monthly tabloid sized newspaper that promotes business and recreation on and around Lake Sidney Lanier.